Instacare, Online medical checkup startup presented at Launchpad 10

Health is surely one thing on which you should not compromise. Instacare is a product of Attrayant Designs and they presented it at Startup Expo in Launchpad organized by Plan9. InstaCare is Pakistan’s first ever instant health care solution that has built up a community comprising of well-known doctors and medical facilities from diverse fields of medical sciences with whom patients can get linked in best possible ways. Not only this but Insta-care work as a podium for getting information regarding authentic healthcare facilities across Pakistan. Instacare is committed to provide immediate cure to the illness and improve the health care system of Pakistan.


As Buddha has said

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

What they say about their product

“With Insta-care we want people to get immediate consultancy in all nonemergency cases without travel or waiting. Instacare is a bridge that connects doctor and patients with best possible ways.
Bilal Amjad – Founder”

They have more than 500 doctors registered and more than 50 labor. They are currently facilitating 1000+ patients by providing online checkup facility. You can signup and schedule an appointment with any doctor whom you want to check. Many doctors charging less for an online checkup as they charge for a regular checkup. They have just added a wrist device to help online diagnose easier.

Instacare added Wrist Assist deveice

Wrist Assist is a new addition to InstaCare family and is a digital and smart healthcare and fitness band that not only helps you in collecting vitals like blood pressure, pulse rate and blood oxygen etc but also make sure that its user does not get disturbed during exercise with its features like incoming calls alert etc. Wrist Assist also helps you in monitoring your sleep and calculating the mileage of your walk, cycling, jogging and how many steps you take.


Learn about Launchpad 10 organized by Plan9

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