13 Reasons Why You Should Be a Better Parent

Hannah Baker.

Nobody knew what she was going through until she took her own life at the age of 17. All because of 13 reasons courtesy of 13 people that made her life a certified hell.

While Hannah Baker may be a fictional character, but what she portrays and what she stands for could not be a closer and better portrayal of life. What her parents went through and how they suffered is something no parent, real or fictional, should have to go through.

Thus, to avoid a recurrence like that, here are 13 ways parents can try to keep their children from turning into yet another Hannah Baker.

  1. Listen When They Talk

Listen and listen good. Your teen needs to know that you are paying attention to what they are saying.

  1. Listen When They Don’t Talk

Read between the lines and try to know what they are saying and what they are do not say anything.

  1. Be a Friendly Face

Remember how they leaped into your arms when you picked your little ones up from pre-school? They might not be able to leap into your arms anymore but you can be a friendly face they can count on.

  1. See Who Their Friends Are

Keep an eye on the type of friends that they make. These people have a lot of influence into

  1. Keep an Eye on The People Against Them

From your family to your friends to strangers and even your own other halves, anybody can turn against your child and their behavior can practically destroy your child’s life. Thus, make sure that people that are against them are on your radar.

  1. Keep in Touch With Their Teachers

While they may stay in their rooms all day long when they are home and shut you out, they cannot exactly shut their teachers out. Thus, you need to stay in touch with the people responsible for your child’s education and see how they are going on a regular basis.

  1. Be Someone They Can Confide In

Being a parent is hard. But, being someone your children can trust, share their problems and confide in is a whole lot harder. Still, regardless of that parents should portray themselves as a pillar of faith and trust, to be someone they can fall back on.

  1. Do Not Be A Strict Parent Without a Cause

A strict parent is a good parent, but to some extent alone. There are certain areas where being a strict parent are going to achieve the opposite of the desired results. Thus, look before you leap and do not be strict in areas where leniency may be better received.

  1. Pay Attention

If it annoyed you when you children were little and wanted your attention all the time by saying “look what I did”, then you might not like this one. Children, no matter what age they may be, need their parent’s attention. Thus, whether they are locking themselves away in their room or acting out for attention, parents need to give it to them.

  1. Be Sensitive

There are times when you need to be strong and be the one giving your child a solid taste of reality. But, sometimes, you need to be sensitive towards your child and what they are feeling and be the person they need in that instant. Thus, analyze the situation and do what you believe is best for your child.

  1. Ask For Help When Needed

It is very hard for a parent to confide in their children and it is the same for children. For them, it is more than the age difference or the generation gap, it is because parents need to be in position of authority, or so they believe. But, when parents open up to their teens and share, whatever it is that they want to share, it is likely that the teen would want to do the same.

  1. Be Their Friend/Follower

While it may be a huge deal for your child to be your friend or be someone that their parents’ are following on social media, in this time and age it is essential for parents to follow their child’s online activities for the sake of their safety. Thus, whether they do it by being their friend or their follower online, or by using parental monitoring apps to come to their aid, they should very well do so.

  1. Watch Them Like a Hawk

Every person, no matter how soft at heart, can turn into a legitimate beast when the well being of the people that they love is at risk. The same goes for a parent when they see their child in danger. Thus, watch your child like a hawk and protect them like they deserve to be protected, even from themselves at times.

In this regard, even if they have to turn the world upside-down in order to look out for their child or go as far as to install parental monitoring application into their phones, you should, under no circumstances, hesitate to do so.

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