Popular Android Apps For 2017

Android apps are everywhere, it seems so. They have simplified life like never before. They have added a new dimension to every sphere of our existence – be it art, music, sports, entertainment, education, cooking and so on. These apps are available for every purpose – you name it and they have it. Just download them on your smartphone and get going. It can’t get easier. But what to download from the lot of hundreds and thousands there? Some of them are really worth trying and they are quite a range for the year.

Here are some of popular Android apps for 2017 –


1Weather – Get this weather app installed on your device and be assured to having the best in the category. This must-have app has a simple design, show current weather and forecast for up to 12 weeks. You will get weather notifications and tons of fun facts to remain hooked and informed at the same time.


Google Maps and Waze – With this app loaded on the mobile, you will easily get key information related to access to places of interest, traffic data and above all, directions to anything in any city of choice. Be it a gas station or restaurant or anything you want to navigate, this app will make life a lot easier for you.

LastPass Password Manager – Worried about safety of your login details of mail and other web addresses? Well, worry not and get this must-have Android app installed on your mobile and feel easy. Now, save all your login details in a secure and safe manner. Plus, you can create hard-to-crack passwords using the app.


Pocket Casts – Get this top app and download or stream podcasts for your enjoyment. This is a must-have app if podcasts are what you can’t live without. Whether you’re fond of audio or video podcast, this app will support them all to let you experience a new dimension to entertainment. Plus, there are features to sync your podcasts across devices to up the tempo of fun to a great level.

SwiftKey – Add to the functionality of your device with a powerful and customizable third-party keyboard. Using the app, users can do gesture typing and get support for multiple languages. There can’t be a better bargain in the keyboard space as it lets you cross-device sync as well. So, get the app and add easy to your daily use of the device.

Textra – Forget any other texting app and use this one that has the basics covered well. It allows sending of messages to friends in an easy manner plus, you can enjoy group texts as well. You can get the app themed and make it stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to your stock texting app and experience something new and exciting.


Zedge – How about an app that helps you customize the basic parts of your device? Try this and get everything under a single roof – from alarm tones to wallpapers, ringtones to notifications. Plus, you will get tons of images to enjoy the zenith of customization.

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